Aline has always had an ideal that humans had a natural connection with animal, yet still, as a young girl, she still often ate meat–showing a particular favoritism for her mom’s sausages!

She begins to describe her life and humans natural connection with animals. However, it wasn’t until she saw a picture of pigs at a Dutch factory farm that she was horrified and caused her to become a vegetarian. She did not find it fair to classify animals as being things that were eaten or not eaten. These ideas further developed into her becoming a vegan as her thoughts towards treating animal with respect matured into her not wanting to have any animal products at all.

She did not want in any way to purport the world in which we lived in where we seem to be….well..more or less confused on what animals are to us. Dogs are pets, and for the most part are treated with love and compassion, however, for some others unfortunately, they are killed and eaten. She purports that perhaps animals are not seen as living creatures but are in fact seen as living objects. Is that not disturbing? How do we not find it disturbing? Well, what are we told? We are constantly told that it is healthy and natural to eat meat and drink milk.How can we not want to harm animals if it makes us healthy, right?

However, nowadays, as the trend proves, it seems that Ploeg’s ideals have once again matured, and she no longer follows her vegan lifestyle out of care for the animals’ lives, but more for the issue of world hunger. We are very inefficient with our food and produce massive amounts of waste. Everyday thousands of people suffer from hunger while we feed on our animals. Furthermore, the intensive farming has drastic amounts of carbon dioxide and consumption of water and energy, negatively affecting our environment.

She concludes that while the idea of a plant-based diet may not be popular, by changing lifestyles we can all benefit, through improving the environment, and even ourselves. There are many creative ways to eat plant-based, and by doing so we can change the world whilst improving our health all at the same time.


Desde que tiene 10 años, Aline Ploeg es vegetariana. Unos años después, Ploeg decidió solo comer 100% productos de plantas. Cuando cumplió 16, marchó en su primera protesta contra el abuso de animales. Ahora, Ploeg no solo está contenta siendo vegan por el abuso de animales, pero también por el medio ambiente, el mundo de hambre y su propia salud. Con mucho entusiasmo y éxito, Ploeg organiza un restaurante vegano en su comunidad. Ploeg empieza su charla describiendo su vida y sus ideas sobre la conexión natural de humanos y animales. A los 10 años vio una foto de un matadero de cerdos donde quedó horrorizada por el resto de su vida. Años después se volvió vegan porquée quiso parar de comer productos animales. Ploeg dice ¿Por que queremos a los perros, pero matamos a los cerdos? Nos enseñan en amar a los animales mientras otros mueren. ¿Como no vemos lo mal en esto? pregunta Ploeg. Facil responde, es por que nos an dicho, nos an enseñado. Nos an dicho que es saludable y natural comer otra carne de animales y tomar leche de otros animales también, pero Ploeg insiste que no lo es. Ploeg, procede a hablar sobre la industria de leche y huevos y el daño que causan a los animales. Hoy en día, Ploeg tiene mas razones de ser vegan. Por el hambre mundial, el ambiente y su salud. Ploeg cierra su charla diciendo a la audiencia que cambien el mundo.