Anouks mother grew up here in Roermond. And she loves to share the stories of the old days. People were craftsmen and bought stuff from people the really knew.

We lost that in our society today. We focus on brand and product, only focussing on the benefits. We build relationships with brands, instead of with other people.

7 years ago changes in our society began and Anouk started to investigate what this change was all about. She did a lot of research in the field. And then we got the crisis… Thank god, because we could start to re-develop the world. The power of the new entrepreneurs, craftsmen that serve you meatballs. An increase of bying local products and knowing the people behind that product again. Real storytelling and new personal values.

Our personal identity is no longer expressed by your brand of jeans. People want to know ‘What is your story? Who are you?’ We also value time differently, spending time with friends and family again.

Anouk was wondering if she could create an environment in which she could allow people to make a connection with each other. Her ideas is based on the idea of ‘clothes swapping’. The event is called ‘De Waslijn’. Clothes hanging on a line, like laundry, in a public place preferably, making people connect and swap clothes. ‘You are wearing my dress! Great! I wore that dress when I…’. Stories are shared and dialogue is growing. Emotional connection arises. Besides that, people experience more fun in giving than in receiving, and ‘de Waslijn’ provides that also!

Soon people asked Anouk if they could organize a ‘Waslijn’-event in their own town. And so they do, on a voluntary base, in dozens of cities in the Netherlands. We provide them with the script and the marketing materials they need to organize the events.

We build a community around people with their own stories. Sharing stories and making connections!

It is my strong believe that large companies can bring back trust if they focus on building human connection!