Bert Schmitz is a Clinical Psychologist and Rolfer who studied clinical Psychology in Amsterdam and the USA. He developed “bodymindfulness”, a holistic and integrative approach to consciousness, using the bodymind as our tool and our heritage, which he teaches in Seminars, in events on location (Tuscany, Swiss Alps) and on the workplace for stress reduction. He presents his work in talks, his work mainly based on his life-long passion for exploring “identity free space”.

In his talk, Bert refers to Chronos and Kairos, both meaning time and originating from Greek mythology. Chronos refers to time in terms of chronology and strictly clock time, whom he supposes that many people in our society have a problem dealing with, and in fact he even calls Chronos our first friend and enemy. On the other hand, Kairos refers to time with regard to opportunity and the “right moment” or perfect opportunity or time to do a certain thing. Kairos is a timeless space which can integrate past the future and the past as it is not influenced by events that may have happened or may happen.

He further references to Socrates, whom was a Greek philosopher who was never questioned, yet was notorious for questioning. It came to a point where Socrates asked so many questions that he discovered one answer which he  thought to be the most wise answer he had ever come across, that being, “I don’t know”.  And as Chronos is the measure of what we know and Kairos is the measure of what we don’t know, according to Bert, it is only if we begin to integrate Kairos that we can become more wise and begin to create our lives as we feel and become informed with the essence of the nature of our own beings.

Bert inspired me to learn how to find my Kairos moments, my inspirations–a task that has truly become challenging in our modern world. This identity-free space, a space where one can be in without being conditioned by things such as gender, hair colour, etc, that do not really have anything to do with who one is, can only be achieved by doing one simple thing…..stopping.

The next time you are full in your business, just stop–only at this moment can you park your mind as you park your car and get a chance to breath and become one with yourself.

I learnt that perhaps my brain truly isn’t wired into being one way. Bert guided me to the realization that my brain is geared and prepared for new experiences. Our brains thrive from being exposed to new experiences and creating the communication that our society needs, that can only occur through getting our “identity-free space”.


Empezamos TedX Roermond con Bert Schmitz. Schmitz estudió Psicología clínica en Amsterdam y los Estados Unidos. Después de sus estudios, Schmitz desarrollo “bodymindfulness” y enseña esta idea en seminarios diferentes por todo el mundo. En esta charla, Schmitz habla sobre el Espacio Libre y el impacto que tiene en nuestras vidas. Regresamos a la Mitología griega para hablar sobre el tiempo. Chronos, y Kairos. Chronos es nuestro enemigo, el tiempo que medimos mientras Kairos es sobre las oportunidades. Es acerca de  de encontrar los momentos, el momento correcto de hacer algo. Kairos integra el pasado y el futuro. Schmitz después habla de nuestras vidas hoy en dia. Todos corremos para arriba y para abajo sin parar. Lo que podemos hacer en nuestras vidas es parar. Parar por un momento, pensar en tus emociones, en tus ideas como si estuvieras parqueando un carro.Asíi tienes un chance para respirar y profundizar el contacto de mente a cuerpo. Su invitación es de integrar este espacio libre en el trabajo y las familias. El piensa que debemos inspirarnos por música, ciencia y arte. Es algo que necesitamos, nos hace seres humanos. El espacio libre nos da la posibilidad de trabajar en la comunicación de nuestra sociedad.