Today at TEDx Roermond, Boj van den Berg presented his Urban Greener project. The idea of Urban Greener is to connect new innovations together by having a group of entrepreneurs working for the same common good, which is balancing and connecting urban development with green conservation.  He achieves this goal by starting with aspects such as healthier food and sustainable cities.

Boj van den Berg presented the concept of a mobile bar that is green, and has already been at 40 different festivals. Now the mobile bar is starting their own festival initiative, promoting a greener and healthier living style and atmosphere.

Boj also talked about the innovative design of the floating office which is built from green materials. The entrepreneur that sparked this idea developed new ideas from her initial floating office, improving upon it, and inspiring others in the process. From her other passion, which was scents; she came up with the idea of using materials from the floating office, to make a line of scents, again encouraging sustainable initiatives.

In Almere, they are now growing a food forest. There are about 60 different species of plants in the food forest, that will eventually set an example to the rest of the world, on how urbanization can remain environmentally responsible and reap benefits for both ends of the spectrum.

Every ten years there is the Floriade festival in the Netherlands – which has the aim of promoting the growth of a greener city, and since Almere is the city Boj van den Berg is working on, he is incredibly proud and enthusiastic of this prospect. The next Floriade will take place in 2022.

Boj van den Berg was influenced by social entrepreneurs such as Samuel Levie and Floris van Bommel, both of them who are business owners and found innovative ways to develop their ideas.