Guy van Grinsven is a Dutch photographer. He is founder of “Studio Press” and works from his studio in Maastricht. He began his career as an aircraft engineer at aircraft manufacturer Fokker. Photography was initially a hobby, but grew to a profession when Guy followed an education at the Dutch Fotovakschool. Guy van Grinsven was in New York City on September 11, 2001. As the only Dutch photographer/cameraman he witnessed the attack on the World Trade Center. His images were frequently broadcasted on television and published in many newspapers and magazines.

At the start of his Talk Guy asks the audience to close the eyes and he shares audio only of a video he made on September 11th, in New York City.

Guy was planning to make a shoot for Nouveau Magazine from the top of the Twin Towers on September 11th, when his sister, living in New York, called him that 8:55 in the morning that he had to go to the Towers immediately because something unbelievable had taken place. He went there and made some video’s [showing them to the audience].

When he arrives at the scene he captures everything. Traffic was stuck, so they went on on foot and captured all te reactions of the people they passed. At that moment they witness the first tower coming down…

Guy lets us hear the sounds of the video he started his talk with again, now accompanied by the video, and that, he explains, was his ‘breaking boundary’: the sound of thousands of people dying… So many people went to work that morning, never coming back home. And he could have been one of them. Half an hour later he would have been on top of one of the Towers.

After he captured everything, from a girl drawing what happend to pieces of papers and bills, leaving the batteries of their camera’t totally empty, he had to walk back. Communications where not possible and New York was chaos for days.

How Guy spends life since then? He had become a lot more critical about the people he spends his time with. Said goodbye to a lot of people in his life. He only does the work he likes and in which he believes. It doesn’t bring him the money he used to earn, but he is a lot happier now.

In 2011, 10 Years later, he went back. What did September 11th do to New York? Again he captured everything. The new WTC, the ‘restyled’ Ground Zero. Visiting Ground Zere starts a talk with someone he meets. The man is making a documentary about his father, the former director of the CIA. The director of the CIA who had to make sure that something like September 11th never was supposed to happen…