Hanny Kusters


Dropout or gifted?

Hanny Kusters is a social care provider at Spirare, a place where gifted people work hand in hand with innovations to go ahead and try to solve worldwide problems. Hanny explains that we are on the verge of a cultural revolution where new values, systems, and societies emerge and expand. But revolutions become outdated and nowadays societal, environmental and economic needs are not being met anymore. For this reason, we require drastic changes in the way our current system works. Existing systems as the healthcare, educational and economical are part of the older sort, and lead to frustration and other negative feelings. Spirare aims to be the crossroad to a better way of co-living, where people that fit the system can collaborate with gifted people that do not. As both groups have capabilities that could aid one another to build and take on projects that bring meaning to everyone’s life, creating change, innovating and going after our aspirations by achieving balance and creating order.

“Pioneers don’t finish up their homework. We should take on their projects and bring them to society.”