Hetty Belgers


Adapt education to the needs of kids

Pioneers are the change makers of the world, and Hetty Belgers is a pretty good example. Motivated since little by her father and Miss Janssen, both school clerks, Hetty decided to open up the Synergie school in Roermond. She had the guts to change the way education was being taught. Her reasoning behind her action was that education plays a giant role in the life of people, but what if you do not fit the mold? What if you are a slow learner, or you prefer a branch of knowledge which is not in the schools course portfolio? In her project she found a way to create tailor made courses for her students, where they are able to explore what they are really good at, providing open space for students, stimulating out of the box thinking and, even encouraging them to turn everything upside down. Nonetheless, many challenges lie ahead in terms of regulations and policy, but the question is: What if you had this type of education, wouldn’t you have wanted it?

“We need guts and we need pioneers to do things differently.”