Linda Commandeur


The importance of true connections

After suffering a tragic car accident Linda Commandeur realized that life is about wholesomely connecting to your beloved ones and to strangers! Whereas communication technology is improving, social media is booming and apps are making it easier to communicate with each other, we, as a society are slowly straying away of what really matters. As face to face interactions are diminishing, and human beings quickly become impatient, people are not investing enough time, interest, or even show curiosity about the unknow. Linda tries to highlight the importance and the implications of having genuine connections with 3 elements. These are characterized by taking time to be built, where real interest is shown with honesty and trust as its core components, and finally the curiosity aspect which should be portrayed by asking questions. With her renounced T.I.C *time, interest, and curiosity* formula she aims to enlighten and encourage us to connect, experiment and live longer lives by combating loneliness and being happier.

“Connection takes time and we are impatient.”