Marcel Crok


Where are we in terms of climate change?

As a research investigator, Marcel has dedicated his scientific life to investigate the famous “hockey stick” graph which has often been used to draft policies in the environmental sector. Nevertheless, after doing some narrower auditing work, different issues arose with this graph, as statistical-wise, errors where found. After publishing his research, Marcel obtained feedback from both sides of the spectrum. On the one hand positive comments, awards, and papers, and on the other hand, harsh claims, skepticism, and negative feedback. This imbalanced view on the subject and the fact the IPCC did not correct the graph after his proposal was delivered, triggered him to continue his search for the truth. As he explains it, climate cannot be experimented on, we can only build models that predict its behavior. These models need to be carefully interpreted as the variables which compose them portray individual behaviors which can alter our perception of the situation at hand. In other words, things are not as bad as they seem, although we should take a good look at hard facts and how data must be interpreted.

“We cannot do experiments with the climate. So you use climate models, huge computer programs trying to replicate the whole system.”