Peter Ottens


Believe to achieve

Ball is life. This sentence could be easily applied to the work that Peter Ottens has created. After growing up playing basketball with neighborhood friends, and even achieving his and many others’ dream to play in the States, he asked himself a question: Why me? Even when others were more talented than him, he noticed something which led him to a possible answer to his question. He discerned a pattern which explained how younglings where affected by being fatherless. Lacking a male role model, lacking the support of a loving family, missing the discipline imposed by this higher form of authority, was for many people under precarious circumstances, the answer to his inquiry. Though, Peter has already put a plan in motion which will break down these negative influences, and will, for example, diminish unemployment rates, ill-formed relationships and unplanned parenthood. This plan requires coaches which will put themselves in this fatherly figure. This also needs educational support and modification to our current school system. It requires a change on the view of welfare organizations: instead of focusing on the reach they have or the amount of people they contact, they should focus on the impact they are causing on each person they reach and the long-term change that they will create.

“Should we teach the kid – so-called troublemaker – or should we teach the teacher?”