Tom Vegter


Being an outsider is not bad

After growing up in a place where he did not fit, feeling as an outsider for a big part of his life, he discovered street football. He was one of the few guys with this affinity but that did not stop him. He found himself in love with football and amazing football tricks. This affinity, nonetheless, led him to visit exotic places such as Dubai and other countries in which he found the community of people that made him feel less of an outsider. Street football is unorganized, it is much about improvising your way out, it’s about originality and being self-motivated to bring something new (tricks) to the community. Self-motivation leads to a better future state. It’s all about what intrinsically motivates you to keep on going on the long term and being true to yourself. It’s all about doing things that you like and others would not dare. For this reason Tom believes that outsiders are always a step ahead of the rest.