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Tom van Oudenaarden talked about bio hacking and body modification.

He started off by asking the audience whether they would like to know where their children are and if they are safe at all times. The answer was a resounding yes.

We as a human race are evolving; we have evolved to adapt to new technologies. As time passes, we have and can still push it even further, reaching the next development phase, which is implanting. Keys, bank cards and passports are getting out dated, and are increasingly insecure, vulnerable to hacking. If we have implants within our body, we won’t have to worry about losing our keys or bank cards because everything will be in our body. With these body implants we will be able to open our house and car, and use it to access our bank accounts, making the process more intuitive.

There is a new implant that is being developed, such as Northstar T1 by Tim Cannon and Grindhouse Netware. There will be LED lights, oxygen monitors, heart monitors, pedometers and possibly a GPS tracker. This will be much more efficient, allowing us to have health information about ourselves on hand, and with more accuracy.

The future possibilities are limitless.