Wim is 32 years old since last week and lives in Brussels. He is a chef and a real foodie. He shows a picture of his grandparents farm where he learned the respect for the ingredients. A farm with a bit of everything, fully self-providing. Rare in these days.

Wim’s father started a butcher shop in Gent. He wanted to bring his meat and ingredients to the whole city of Gent with it’s 200,000 inhabitants. And how things go: when your dad is a butcher, you become a butcher too. So Wim did.

But he had some different ideas. ‘Let’s cook outside, on location’. Ham [from his grandfathers farm] and ‘kroketjes’ [there isn’t even an English word for this dish…].

For Wim it is all about connection with the food. And with the connection with food, comes the connection with your clients. So Wim is always wondering how to combine craftmanship, connection with food and lifestyle.

The result: a meatball restaurant. With meat from the farm, handcrafted, but served on a design plate. Filled, fandcrafted meatballs. Filled with the stuff we like. ‘Balls & Glory’ was born! And it isn’t even a restaurant. You can take the meatballs to go, or take a seat at the long tables in the room. Making connection right then and there, with the food and the people around you.

At ‘Balls & Glory’ you really get the ‘Mommy’-feeling. You eat healthy food, low cost. Because of emancipation we don’t have mommy’s anymore, and that is the problem of our food industry. Because of emancipation processed foods are on our plates. So Wim Ballieu considers himself a litlle bit ‘the Mommy of Flanders’. And he ask other restaurants too to be a mommy again too: serve honest, handcrafted food, like mommy used to make.

Food can be the tool to be social connected¬†again. And that is what Wim wants to do. Let’s be a mommy and the social tool to bring people together again!